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Breakwaters at Porlock Weir

Fading Flowers

Parched Hills (Quantocks)

May Blossom

Porlock Weir

Spring Burst Quantock View

Looking towards Dunkery

The heady smell of May on a hot Sunday morning

Hurlstone point from Porlock Weir

Above Golsoncot

Exmoor under stormy sky

Drift of azaleas at Ivystone

Little may Tree on an iron cold winters day.

Walking with friends at Porlock Weir

Orange pathway

August on Exmoor.

Rainbow over Hurelstone

Looking towards The Quantocks

Autumn on Exmoor

Heather on Ley Hill - Above Porlock

Beech Woods

Quantock Autumn Path

Wild Woods

Birch Trees

Pitt Wood

Through the Trees (Pine Woods)

Red Wellies (North Hill)

Under Water

Rockpools near Blue Ben

Looking down onto Kilve Beach

West Beach. Watchet.

Looking towards Kilve

Winter sun in Holland park

Little may tree or Spring in Regents park

Kilve beach

East Quantoxhead Beach

low tide at Kilve Pill

Woodland undergrowth